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A desktop experience like never before

The fastest and easiest way to navigate and work with your desktop's files, applications and browser tabs.

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Configurations for each of your workflows

Maybe you’ve got one arrangement for working with your engineers (e.g. Slack, Asana,
Jira, Github, Sublime), another for your morning routine (e.g. TechCrunch, BBC, Spotify, Google Maps). Now you can save each arrangement as a “space” and seamlessly switch to just the right space, right where you last left off.

Tag anything - anywhere - because you can

Smart tagging lets you keep track of what’s important – whether it’s a web page, an email, or a PDF, tag it to find and share things faster than ever. It gets even better, meta detects a wide range of important interactions and allows you to create custom highlights, making revisiting moments that matter a piece of cake.

Search for content across applications

Type in a keyword to search across your currently or recently opened files, applications and browser tabs. Tag files, applications and content within applications to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

Replay any moment of your desktop activity

That’s right. Any moment that ever crossed your screen, you can play it like a video. Watch how you edited a photo, fixed code, or played a game. It’s cool. You’re welcome.

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Available for macOS
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