What we measure and what we don’t

Why we measure it

Once an hour the application will send a short ping saying it’s still running properly.
To know whether our users are actively engaging with our application and when they stop using it - this helps us understand who and what kind of users are really benefiting from our application, when they stop using it (bug, missing feature, expectation mismatch) and allows us to learn from their experience.
Active Windows
Amount of windows open on your system right now.
We’re NOT measuring any titles or any other data on your windows.
To have a sense of how many windows are running on
a system at any given time.
CPU Usage
How much CPU Meta is using.
We’re NOT measuring any other CPU usage info on other apps.
To make sure we always stay within a very narrow performance envelope and that none of our updates cause the application to use more CPU than allowed.
Storage Usage
Meta Data usage: How much storage is your Meta Library taking up on.
Space left on device: How much storage space is left on your device.
We’re NOT measuring any details on your storage use outside of what Meta is taking up in storage and what's left on your device.
To make sure we never fill up your disk drive. Though Meta is built to stop capturing once it reaches certain limits we want to make sure no update we push out accidentally breaks this and fills your hard drive.
Switch space
"Switching to a Space" action.
We’re NOT measuring what Space name, title or content you’re switching to.
To know whether users use and engage with Meta Spaces.
Loaded a screen
Opening the Meta Bar.
We’re NOT measuring what you type into the Bar outside of the type of Meta action you’re triggering.
To know whether users uses and engage with the Meta Bar.
Open Rewind
Opening the Meta Rewind.
We’re NOT measuring what you Rewind to or search for.
No information is gathered in any shape on the content of your Rewind.
To know whether users use and engage with the Meta Rewind.
Time spent in Default Space vs. Non-Default
After switching to another space we update the time spent in the default space vs. all other spaces.
We’re NOT measuring what your spaces are called
We’re NOT measuring what you have open in them
We’re NOT measuring what your interacting with in them
To know whether users use and engage with Meta Spaces and whether this feature helps them organize their work into non-Default Spaces and to what degree.
Number of spaces
We’re measuring the number of Meta Spaces you have created or deleted.
We’re NOT measuring what those Meta Spaces are called or what you do in them.
To know whether users use and engage with Meta Spaces.
Screen Resolution
We’re measuring your screen size.
Screen size is highly related to disk space - we measure this so we can see if a large part of our audience uses large or multiple screen and we can make decisions to optimize for those use cases.
Mac Operating System
We’re measuring the version of the Operating system you’re running.
To know which OS our users are currently using.
Region, City and
Timezone of last authentication
Whenever your system authenticates with our system we keep track of the Region, City and Timezone you’re in.
We’re NOT keeping track of any detailed location info - City is the smallest unit we receive. All your detailed location info is only accessible by you, in your Rewind.
This helps us get a better sense of where our users are located - additionally during sign in we might add additional security when non standard locations are used to login to your account.
Hardware Acceleration Active
We’re measuring whether our compression engine is using your systems Hardware Acceleration.
In a perfect world we would always use HW acceleration as it improves performance and lessens battery use. As we continue to improve Meta we’re aiming to get to 100% HW acceleration use.
Device Identifier
We’re keeping tack of your devices identifier.
Identifying piece of data e.g. Ali’s MacBook Pro - used primarily in debugging communications with our users.
Meta action
We measure the amount of Push, Pull, Switch to, Exit, Clear Desktop, Create Space, Delete Space actions that you are taking through the Meta Bar or the Space Switcher.
We’re NOT measuring what you switch to or interact with.
No name, title, URL or identifying piece of data that could give any indication of what you’re interacting with is measured.
We measure which actions you take to get a better sense of what parts of the system are most used so we can improve those with higher priority.
No personal or identifying information is ever sent.
Tag actions
Created - Type (Todo, Note) - we measure how many tags you have created.
We’re NOT measuring what you tag or any information you enter into the tag.
We measure how many tags users create to know how well used this feature is.
Tagging Flow
Completed a tagging flow e.g. filled the complete tagging form.
We’re NOT measuring what you tag or any information you enter into the tag.
To know if the tagging flow is too complex we measure the amount of times it has been successfully completed.
We use your login email as an identifying piece of data for our measurements
Your email is used to connect use measurements to you as a user - we use the data to get a better sense of what kind of users are using our software in what way.